Targeted full energy and protein delivery in critically ill patients: a study protocol for a pilot randomised control trial (FEED Trial)

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Critically ill patients receiving mechanical ventilation are at high risk of dying or developing complications that delay their recovery. The importance of supplemental protein in patient outcomes has been shown in several clinical trials. The ICU patient is prone to catabolism, immobilization, and impaired immunity, which is a perfect storm for massive loss of lean body tissue.
Current guidelines for the provision of protein for critically ill patients are based on incomplete evidence, due to limited data from randomised controlled trials.
This pilot randomised controlled trial is part of a program of work to expand knowledge about the clinical effects of protein delivery to critically ill patients.

This trial aims to examine whether a volume-based feeding protocol with supplemental protein increases protein and energy delivery. The potential effect of such increases on muscle mass loss will be explored. These outcomes will assist in formulating larger randomised control trials to assess mortality and morbidity.


Who Should Enrol

Registered dietitian, nutritionists, medical doctors, nurses and pharmacists.

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Online course

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It will deliver value appreciated by registered dieticians, nutritionists, medical doctors, nurses and pharmacists
Ignite thoughts and debate, and draw their attention to what might be important

Learning Outcomes

Apply knowledge of the topic in applicable areas of dietetic practice
Be trusted nutrition advisors amongst their peers.


Participants will be assessed by means of a multiple choice questionnaire.


Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA)


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Participants are required to pass the assessment with 70%

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