Have a better understanding of why the 1st 1000 days is such a critical window of opportunity and how to maximise the impact in this period.

Understand the role of breastfeeding, non-nutritive factors and nutritive factors and why and how HCPs can support mothers in their breastfeeding journey.

Understand why unsuitable breastmilk substitutes are detrimental to the health and well-being of infants, and how to support mothers in making appropriate choices when they cannot/decided not to breastfeed.

Have a good understanding of the nutritional challenges LBW infants face, why we need to intervene, and how to intervene.

Have a good understanding of the nutrition support required for specific conditions such as constipation, diarrhoea, regurgitation.

Advice parents on appropriate complementary feeding

Advice parents on the most appropriate nutrition interventions for allergy prevention and management.

Who Should Enrol

Registered dietitians, nutritionists, medical doctors, nurses and pharmacists

Course Design

Online course

Course Highlights

It will deliver value appreciated by registered dietitians, nutritionists, medical doctors, nurses and pharmacists.

Ignite thoughts and debate and draw their attention to what might be important.s

Learning Outcomes

Apply knowledge of the topic in applicable areas of their respective practices.

Be trusted nutrition advisors amongst their peers


1 Module, 1 hour per month with 15 MCQ’s – for 7 months.


South African Medical Association 


2 CPD points


Pass the assessment with 70%


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2.0 CPD Points